Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We seek after these things

I love technology. From really old technology, like the remote control, to surfing the web on a cell phone, I think it's incredible that we can do what we do. That being said, there is less stress when I am away from it all and have my hands in the Earth. There is great value in Heavenly Father's creations without any accoutrements or touch screens. I loved Sister B's talk on Sunday...the pioneers didn't have Satan's attacks delivered via pop up while they emailed their mom. We live in tough times.

But we know that. And that is why we live the way we do. We seek after good things. We seek after knowledge and learning. We seek to provide for ourselves and prepare for what is unknown, but not unforeseen.

Today, knowledge came to me through technology. I thought it worth sharing. The Old Farmer's Almanac (link to story here) shared recipes for making many household products like soap and toothpaste. Technology has been kind enough to provide us with bottles of everything we need, but they sometimes come with a hefty price tag and lots of ingredients we don't necessary need (or know how to pronounce). I found it a comforting reminder that Proctor and Gamble is not the only - or original - source for cleanliness. It is, after all, next to godliness. With knowledge, I can use Heavenly Father's creations to take care of my family. Knowledge is good.

- Anne Burns

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