Monday, January 17, 2011

Pepper Barrels Available NOW

We have come across a great opportunity to increase our preparedness for a very small outlay and hope you will act quickly to take advantage.

These are used, 50 gallon, food grade barrels in good condition.
Some of them have pop off lids with a metal clamp like the one pictured. Some have a smaller, screw off lid, approximately half the size of the lid pictured here. You could fit a pitcher down inside either one and eliminate the need for a pump when storing water.

They are not clean. (This one still has a pepper in the bottom of it.)

They have previously stored Greek peppers - the "banana pepper" or pepperocini that is served in a salad at a Greek or Italian restaurant.

Each barrel is only $10, delivered to the Lapeer Ward building.
We will take orders at until February 15th.
Our minimum total order must be at least 100 barrels; 300 barrels are available.
Barrels must be picked up at the Lapeer Ward Building on a date to be announced after the order is filled. Orders must be paid in full WHEN PLACED.
When you send your email to with the number of barrels you desire, you will receive a response telling you where to send your check and to whom it should be made out.
Any questions you have may be submitted to the same email address.

The barrels may be used for water storage or any other need you may have. We recommend cleaning with fresh water and a bit of bleach. There is no guarantee that you can remove the pepper smell from the barrels, but they could also be aired out over the summer months as well. For $10 per barrel, you could try a lot of things and if they still smelled like peppers, they would still be worth every penny you saved.

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