Monday, January 17, 2011

Salvage Groceries

Ready to save some good groceries from their death?
Visit a salvage grocery store!

Renee did some online research and then visited Denny's Grocery today in Otisville. Here's a tour of what she found.

Part of the store is "regular" grocery shopping, but this half of the store is "salvage."

Duncan Hines cupcake mix 2 for $1

Nice deal on dipping sauce, which expired on December 10th. Just 40 days ago. Still edible and cheap!

These granola bars expired 5 days ago. I bet they don't last 5 more days in Renee's house!

$63.67 for this load of salvaged groceries from Denny's. Yeah, Renee - she save these good foods from certain doom and saved herself some money.
Thanks so much for sharing your adventure and teaching us a new way to shop, Renee!

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